What We Made

  • Wall Paper Pattern Books
  • Fabric Pattern Books
  • Vertical & Rollerblind Pattern Books
  • Waterfall Fabric hangers
  • Shade Cards

    Pattern book making is a complex and skillful art. We produce books that are carefully constructed and offer customers our advice and expertise. We aim to ensure that their product is prominent in design and will stand the 'test of time' in the market place. As part of our service we can suggest appropriate covering materials and recommend a suitable design construction.

    With every design concept we endeavour to achieve maximum exposure, considering the 'target audience' at all times.

    Whatever your fabric, we will create a stunning textile presentation which will showcase your designs for years to come. From flimsy voiles to chunky velvets, and dazzling prints to sensuous silks, we have the skills and techniques to deliver the best fabric book solution for you.

    Our in-house screen-printing and foil-blocking complements our well-equipped case-making facility to bring your brand to life.

    Wallpaper & Fabric Pattern Books

    Over 60% of our business is committed to the manufacture of wallpaper and fabric pattern books. It is in this area that we excel. Our accounts include some of the top fabric and wallcovering wholesalers.

    Our services in this area include:

    • Fabric Pattern Books
    • Co-ordinate books
    • Wallpaper Books
    • Silk Screen Printing
    • Foil Blocking
    • Cases and binder work
    • Pattern Cards
    • Swatches

    Window Blind Books

    Over recent years we have increased our range to include Vertical, Roller and Venetian blind books. We now excel in this area and believe that our key to sucess lies in the production of virtually all components on site, in the same way as for our 'core' business. This allows us to remain in control of production throughout the process, hitting all those important delivery dates.

    Our services in this area include:

    • Silk screen printing
    • Spot U/V Varnishing
    • Embossing
    • Foil blocking
    • Cases and binder work
    • Pattern cards
    • Swatches
    • Cuttings
    • Waterfalls

    Fabric Hangers

    In 2006 we produced a staggering 60,000 hangers over the 12 month period. We have a nucleus of skilled employees regularly producing a high quality product.

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