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  • Studio Décor are delighted and proud to announce that we have launched our new home furnishings range of ‘Polyester fabrics’. Get a feel for the endless coordination possibilities. 
    It brings contemporary influences and classic designs
    In style with an international flavor. We have wide selection of beautiful prints, innovative weaves, luxurious chenille, and an extensive color palette of plains and velvets.

    These books are of different qualities of polyesters and these solid colors are grouped which are suitable for drapes/upholstery as well as other soft furnishings. These qualities can be used together for a coordinated scheme. The color palette is in keeping with the contemporary classic design styling ranging from usable neutrals to vibrant pinks and Aubergines.

    Oxford & Windsor - Chenilles:

    As the name suggests we have simply developed the very best of our Chenille collections and made them into one grand story book. The collection consists of 50 skus laid out in color palettes to inspire coordinated looks and all designs are suitable for both drapes as well as upholstery

    Co-ordinated Collections

    We have developed the ever best of designs and colors and made them into grand story books.

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