Manpho Trade Fair Participation

The art of dressing up just got better. At Art Décor, we offer the largest selection of fabrics rooted in a long nurtured tradition. Putting into use the traditional skills of the Indian weaver to harness nature and technology on the one hand, and expertise spanning years in the decorative fabric industry on the other.

We have helped ‘weave’ the aspirations of buyers worldwide. Art Décor fabrics revolve around a wide gamut of embroidered silks, and a host of blends. Also, the reason embellishment of fabrics - accessories, embroidery and printing - remains our forte. And since we have set benchmarks in quality, unique innovations and eco consciousness, there is every chance we’ll not miss out on our pledge to customers.

Art Décor fabrics capture the essence of continuing life patterns by placing as its yardstick international trends. Truly, a tribute to the home textile inclined in the true sense.

Art Décor has the right technology and inspired professional in house team using all unimaginable state-of –the art-facilities.

Art Décor’s guiding principle is to ‘place people before profit’ and ‘create a healthy and enabling environment’ to build a professional workforce where in every individual plays a leading role in the aspirations of Art Decor.

Our team is proud of what they do and share the goals of a management that craves for nothing but the best for customers.


Our Collections
  • Milano: Chinese Dupion (Plain).
  • Como: Indian Dupion (Plain).
  • Forest: Wild Silk (Plain).
  • Monza: Wild Silk (Plain).
  • Kingston: Strea (Jharna)
  • Earth & Fire: Silk Assorted Designs.
  • Water & Wind: Silk Assorted Designs.
  • Excotic1: Silk Assorted Designs (Light Colors)
  • Exotic 2: Silk Assorted Designs (Dark Colors)
  • Coral: Grand Silk Embroideries
  • Blossom: Organza (Plain)
  • New York: Satin Plain.
  • Melbourne: Linen Plain
  • Eminent: Linen Coordinate
  • Los Angeles: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Flame: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Prague: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Barcelona: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Lisbon: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Stockholm: Silk Assorted Designs
  • Vienna: Silk Quilts
  • Exquisite : Trims
  • Sydney : Strea Stripe
  • Strom : Silk Dobbies
  • Breeze : Silk Dobbies
  • Madrid: Jacquards. 


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