Land is scarce and the regulations governing land are very rigid. There are many hurdles that prevent land from being utilised to its optimum. Hence to develop and maximise a land’s potential, one has to plan in advance and take timely decisions.

A lot of aspects like acreage, business prospects, zoning, utilities, traffic counts, area growth, buyer potential and more require consideration.

We have a dedicated team of professionals experienced at of handling over 8 million sq. ft. of land transactions. Spread over 7 major cities, the Land Division represents landowners, developers, corporate and end users across India.

The active and close involvement of our associates and senior professionals ensure that we provide clients with insightful and practical advice on how to plan for ever-lasting success.

Our range of services includes

Sale of land

* Property document audit including title status
* Determining best value
* Preparation of an information memorandum
* Direct marketing for developers / end users
* Competitive bid process

Purchase of land

* Location analysis
* Land sourcing
* Advice on pricing
* Assistance in negotiation / documentation

Joint Ventures

* Assess development potential of land for Joint Venture (JV)
* Market the proposal
* Structure JVs or Joint Developments as appropriate
* Manage relationship between land owners and developers / end users

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