India’s Hospitality & Leisure Division offers solutions that address issues related to this unique industry with an overlap of real estate and hotel operations. Combining advisory and agency functions, the division provides customised solutions to clients.

A deep understanding and analysis of market variables enable us to guide our clients in shaping effective entry strategies as well as enhancing existing business interests.

Evaluating portfolios, advising on branding, ratings and providing assistance in project planning by recommending third-party specialists is our forte. Our teams handle the acquisition, development, as well as sale of hotel & leisure properties (health and fitness clubs, theme parks, leisure centres), thereby maximising our clients’ investment portfolio.

Our Hospitality vertical’s true value lies in improving our client’s profitability, market share and visibility in the marketplace.

As a professional entity, our clients receive a high quality of services and expertise that add value to their businesses and contribute to their growth. Having developed extensive relationships across private and government sectors, our connections empower our clients and help them succeed.

We are deeply appreciated by our clients who are first time entrants into this industry for our role in incubating their business vision by handholding them and helping them gain first hand knowledge of the business of hotels; while working with them throughout the lifecycle of their investment.

The domain knowledge in real estate, garnered over the years, assist our clients in setting up hospitality and leisure projects in the interiors of India too.

Our range of services

Advisory services

* Valuations
* Project Feasibility Studies
* Entry Strategy
* Optimum Development Mix Reports

Agency services

* Disposition: Owner representation
* Acquisition: Buyer representation

Management operator & franchise search services & owner representation

Project financing

Representative services for hospitality & leisure franchisors

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